Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wife of a(n!) MD ....

Okay, okay ... I suppose it's time to address this.  My husband so kindly pointed out that it is improper to say Wife of a MD.  It must be an MD.  As I was about to argue this point, I realized he was right (I think ☺) and now am a little embarassed!  But I can't change the web address for the blog now.  So my slight grammatical error will continue to haunt me for the rest of my blogging days.  You all are so kind to have let me get by with it for as long as you have.  So, thank you for that!

Gotta love the fact that it's Thursday!  That means Friday is merely hours away.  Any fun weekend plans?  DH is hoping to get his residency application submitted (finally!) this weekend, if not before.  So, I'm looking forward to getting that done and out of the way!  I'm sure the weekend will also entail watching lots of football and eating lots of food.  ☺ 


  1. Hey girl- don't worry about it...technically when you read "MD" you are supposed to say Medical Doctor and "Wife of a Medical Doctor" is correct. I just assumed you wanted your blog to be read as "Wife of a Medical Doctor" :0)

    And you actually can change your URL I believe (I did it a few weeks after I made my blog) just make sure to notify people who are following you at your old URL. Or you can leave it because it's fine :)

  2. Yay!!!! I am glad you did this. Not that it REALLY matters - but the change is good.

    Like Keely said, if you read it "Wife of a Medical Doctor," the article is fine. But if you simply read the initials (which is how I read it), "an" is definitely the correct option!!

    (No need to be embarrassed though. I am a huge freak about stuff like this. I bet most people don't care either way.)