Monday, September 20, 2010


DH's residency app was officially submitted on Friday afternoon!  What a relief to finally have that finished, out of the way, and submitted.  DH is planning to match in pediatrics and we applied to 29 programs.  I don't really have a grasp of whether that is too few or too many.  I have heard of people applying to as many as 75 or more programs, so I don't think it's too many.  But pediatrics is a less competitive specialty, so there's no need to apply to that many.  DH is fairly calm and laid-back about it, but I'm the nervous wreck.  I wonder if we applied to the right programs, if we applied to enough programs, etc.  I just need to calm down and wait for the interview invites. 

With the submission of the application behind us, we had a fairly relaxing weekend.  Lots of football, as predicted.  My husband is obsessed with college football.  I don't get it.  I mean, I enjoy watching football, but why do we have to watch so many games?!  Even teams we're not necessarily cheering for, we are watching just for the heck of it.  I don't get it.  I prefer the NFL, but DH thinks it's far less entertaining.  For some reason, I just randomly decided last year that I would be a Vikings fan.  Neither of us are from Minnesota, so it's a random choice, but it's fun to have someone to cheer for.  Though, there's not much to cheer about this season so far ...

Anyways, that's my ramble for today.  I'd better go check DH's email to make sure we haven't missed an interview invite!  ☺


  1. Congrats on submitting! My man wants Urology and we've been told to apply to 60 programs. That seems insane to me. 29 sounds manageable ;0) Good luck and have fun checking email 80 times a day- it's like med school apps all over again huh!

    Oh, I beg you- don't be a Vikings fan. I have been all my life, being from North Dakota, and it is the most disappointing kind of fan to be haha! Just as we get out hopes up, they start out 0-2 and those hopes crash to the ground. I don't get the college thing either, but my hubs explained it as the NFL is too dominated by money now that is it tainted, college football is more 'pure' still. Um, okay.

  2. 60! Wow, that's so many! That does seem insane, and incredibly overwhelming. 29 is good, as long as it gets us enough interviews. We've got 2 interview invites already, so it'a making me feel a bit better. Breathing a little easier. ☺ But yes, I am definitely checking the email way more frequently than necessary!

    Oh, the Vikings ... I feel so pitiful claiming to be a fan, even though I've only watched football for one season. ☺ Especially compared to a life-long fan like yourself. I have found it a bit disappointing so far, but I'm sure it will turn around! (Right ... ?)

  3. Congrats!!! Good luck to your husband - and to you, too!

  4. This is the exciting time - you can't do much right now but wait for the interviews. Oh - and try to go on those interviews with him so that you can see what life would be like. This is as much your match as it is his! Good Luck!

  5. So exciting!!!! Keep us updated, I'm living vicariously... :0)