Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where to begin?

My husband and I have known each other since we were kids.  We started dating in high school and our relationship continued through undergrad. We (finally!) got married after we graduated from college in the summer of 2007.  So, I've been there through all of the pre-medical school stress including the MCAT, med school applications, interviews, etc.  I'm really kicking myself for starting this blog so late.  We have already experienced so much of medical school. 

The first year was pretty much just exciting because everything was new; new town, new school, new apartment, new marriage.  Second year was tough.  It involved a lot of studying and I began to realize how lonely being the spouse of a medical student can be.  Third year was really good.  With all of the classes and coursework out of the way, DH enjoyed being in the hospital setting and learning hands on.  It was fun to hear stories and see how excited he was.  Now, here we are in fourth year!  The final stretch!  Looming ahead of us are interview offers, interviews, ranking residency programs, Match Day, and graduation! 

Like I mentioned before, being a medical student's (soon to be doctor's!) wife can be quite lonely.  Especially when you don't live near family, as is our case.  In the middle of first year, I convinced DH that we just had to get a dog to keep me company.  In reality, it didn't really take all that much convincing.  ☺  I try to find ways to keep myself busy.  I do work, but it's just an 8-5 job that isn't all that important to me.  I really just want to be a stay-at-home mom, but rumor has it you have to have kids to qualify.  ☺  That's one of the things about this journey that has been the hardest, I think.  DH & I both want children so badly, but we keep telling ourselves it's smarter to wait.  At least until after medical school is out of the way.   

I guess this blog is just a way of keeping myself sane, and if there's others that can relate, then all the better! 


  1. Oh girl... I feel you on the loneliness! Wish I had a magic solution... I know blogging has helped immensely!

  2. I started my blog two months ago to keep myself sane too :0) and I totally agree that loneliness and waiting for kids are the hardest parts. I hate being practical. You're so close to the first finish line though!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your 4th and final year.

  3. Just new to your blog!!!
    How exciting that you guys are into the final stretch... fourth year is exciting and nerve wracking and all those things :) But well worth the insanity of the past HOW many years of school??
    Welcome to the blogging world :)

  4. I too wish I had started blogging way back at MCAT time =) I think I would laugh at all of my 'old' feelings before school actually started of telling him, it's okay, work your butt off, forget about me, just do what you need to do.... and then the reality of the life and the loneliness that brings hitting home!

  5. I am so excited I just found your blog! My husband is in the middle of his third year of med school and can I just tell you that your third paragraph exactly sums up my life right now! Definitely agree with you about how much better third year is than second. I hate that hubs is gone more often (especially now in his surgery rotation), but I love how excited he is about what he's doing!

    Welcome to the blog world! I can't wait to follow along on your journeys :)