Friday, September 10, 2010

Eight Questions

I'm an avid follower of the Life of a Doctor's Wife blog and she recently tagged her readers to complete the Eight Questions game.  Here are the questions she posed and my probably less-than-entertaining answers.

1. Which TV character (past or present) do you most identify with?
Now, I watch a lot of tv.  A lot!  Why is it that I can't think of one character I relate to?  I guess if I had to pick one right now, I might say Lily from How I Met Your Mother.  My husband and his friends are quite funny and we are the only married couple of the bunch.  And sometimes the interactions between Lily and Marshall remind me of my DH and I. 

2. If you could swap out three of your body parts, what would they be - and who would you swap them with?
Let's make this easy: I would trade my chest, my stomach and my legs with any Victoria's Secret supermodel.  See?  I'm not picky ...

3. What is one thing about you - physical, mental, or otherwise - that sets you apart from everyone else on the planet?
There's probably not one particular thing that that sets me apart from everyone else.  But I do feel blessed to have the family I do, and no one else in the world has that besides me. 

4. Who are five people on your "laminated list"?
Ahh, the "laminated list" ... classic Friends.    I haven't spent much quality time thinking about this one, but I suppose I could come up with a few.  For some reason, I have a strange obsession with Matthew MorrisonRobert Buckley would most definitely be on the list.  Maybe my childhood TV crushes like Brian Austin Green from Beverly Hills, 90210, and Scott Wolf from Party of Five.  And I think a sense of humor is quite attractive, so I'm going to throw Ashton Kutcher on the list.  Wow, that could not be a more random group of guys. 

5. If you could invite anyone to a dinner party - living or dead - who would they be?
Oh wow, this is a tough one!  So many options.  I'm going to go with ... my grandma.  First of all, if I could get her there, maybe I could twist her arm and get her to do the cooking instead of me!  She makes, hands down, the best food in the entire universe.  Also, she doesn't travel, so unless I make a trip home, I don't get to see her very often and as she's getting older, I'd like to spend as much time with her as I can.   

6. What's your signature dish?
Hmm, while I love cooking, I'm definitely not a refined chef.  But if company's coming, my default dish is probably a vegetable lasagna.  I'm getting hungry ...

7. What would you say is the top TV series of all time? (Caveat: It has to no longer be on the air.)
This is the easiest question for me, by far!  It has to be Friends.  Has to be!  I can't even count how many times I have watched that series; over and over and over.  And I never tire of it.  Chandler will always be able to make me laugh.  Love it!

8. What is your worst habit?
Is laziness a habit?  If so, that's it.  I am habitually lazy.  There are few things I love more than zonking out on the couch in front of the tv and doing absolutely nothing.  Mind you, I don't feel too good about myself after I realize half of a Sunday has gone by and that's all I've done.  But it's enjoyable in the moment.


  1. Yay!!! Love your answers! It's so cute that you chose Lily - that gives me such an insight into your character.

    Clearly I watch too much TV. :-)

  2. I LOVE Friends too... love love love! I haven't watched it forever though - I think I need to get on that :)