Monday, November 1, 2010


I've loved Halloween ever since I was little.  The dressing up & the candy made it one of the most exciting days of the year!  I continue to love Halloween as a "grown up".  But now it's because I love to see all of the little kids dressed up in their adorable costumes, and it's fun to decorate, and fine ... I admit, I still love the candy.  ☺  Every year I get so excited; put up decorations, buy enough candy to feed a small village & turn on the porch light.  The first year DH & I were married, we lived in a tiny little apartment set pretty far back off the road.  I didn't expect a ton of kids, but I thought I'd at least get a couple.  Nope.  Nothing.  Year #1 - a bust.  By the next Halloween we had moved to a different aparment.  This one was in a large complex and I knew there were plenty of kids because I could hear them running around, screaming and playing all day long.  So ... I stocked up on candy, put up the decorations, and ... 3 kids.  Seriously?  Does no one do Halloween anymore?  Year #2 - a bust.  The next year was pretty much the same story.  So this year, I didn't even let myself get excited for Halloween.  I mean, it's been a flop every single year.  So, I bought candy, but hardly any. One bag of DH and my favorites.  No pumpkin carving.  One measly decoration.  And no trick-or-treaters.  Not a single one.  How depressing!  I'm banking on the idea that Halloween regains its fun factor once you have kids.  Otherwise, I do fear that my Halloween spirit is gone forever.  ☺


  1. Apartment complexes SUCK for trick-or-treaters! I say this with confidence, since I have lived in apartments now for eight years. It is a little disappointing, for sure.

  2. We have yet to ever get a trickk-or-treater....I bet you will have them once/if you make a move to suburbia...oh, and have kids. I love the season too..but for the time being it has lost some of it's charm. I've actually never given out candy :0(