Friday, October 29, 2010


DH has scheduled 4 far away interviews during over a 7 day period and is making one big trip of it, because this appears to be the most financially sensible way to tackle them.  I am tagging along with DH, mostly for moral support and to make sure he successfully gets from point A to point B without losing his luggage, forgetting something important, or getting lost in a strange city.  ☺  But I'm curious for some input on how to make a productive use of my time while in this cities where I potentially may be living for the next three years.  I plan to drive around and take in the sights of a new city ... get a feel for what life may be like there.  But are there certain places I should go/look into?  What about people I should meet with or specific questions I should be asking?  If you all have any ideas or suggestions, I'm eager to hear them!  I just want to take full advantage of being able to travel with DH to these places and obtain whatever important information we may need so that we can make an well informed decision when it comes to rank.

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