Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oops ... I missed a few weeks!

Wow, where have these last few weeks gone?  We have now received interviews from 20 of the 29 residency programs we applied to.  So far we've scheduled interviews at 9 of those programs.  Now we're at the phase of making travel arrangements; booking flights, hotels and rental cars.  We are so fortunate that DH's parents have offered us their frequent flier miles to use.  So far I've booked 3 flights for only $12.50.  And most of the programs offer a complimentary one night stay at a hotel, so that is also saving us quite a bit of money!  However, DH is trying to knock out five interviews in one trip.  So, we still have to pay for all of the hotels in between interviews.  But in the grand scheme of things, the point is that this all could be costing us a lot more money than it is, and I'm completely grateful for that.  Now, f I could just somehow manage to get DH to stop stressing out about everything!

I don't have much room to complain, though.  Work is still stressing me out.  It seems like the weekdays go by far too slow and that the weekends go by so fast that they're practically non-existent.  I just don't enjoy any part of what I do anymore and can't wait to get out of here.  A couple people have left and I watch them leave with an intense jealousy, wishing it was me.  Alas ... it is not.  But on the bright side, only 21 weeks and 2 days until Match Day!  ☺

Is it possible for me to talk about something other than residency/match & work?!  Let's give it a try.  ☺

We have a 3 year old puppy who I absolutely adore.  She is a bit of a spoiled brat, but haven't we all been at some point?  I feel so bad because she has terrible allergies.  She constantly licks & bites her feet until they're raw and almost bleeding.  Her eyes are so red & she gets ear infections like crazy.  We've tried switching her food so many times.  It's been frustrating, because I don't know what to do for her.  But this past weekend, we took her to a new vet, and hallelujah!  I think we are getting somewhere.  She seems to finally be getting some relief from all that itching.  The downside is, now that she isn't occupied with the allergies & the itching, she has come to the realization that her life is rather dull.  This means that sometimes she thinks its fun to sit at the foot of the bed at 3am and whine for somebody to play with her, or feed her, or take her on a walk, or whatever it is she wants to do.  This = DH & myself not getting a good nights sleep & both being grumpy.  But at least we have a happy puppy again ... right?  ☺

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  1. Sounds like life is crazy and busy for you both these days! Congrats on all the interviews - that's really exciting!